Yung Lean Net Worth 2023

Jonatan Aron Leandoer Håstad best known as Yung Lean is a popular Swedish rapper, singer, and songwriter. In the early cloud rap era, he was of the most influential public figures. He got his popularity on YouTube in 2013 with his song Ginseng Strip 2002. It went viral online. Yung Lean net worth is $4 million dollars.

Yung Lean Net Worth

Yung Lean Early Life

Lean was born in Minsk, Belarus on 18 July 1996. his father’s name is Kristoffer who was a Swedish poet, fantasy author, and translator of French literature. He owned a book publishing company.

NameYung Lean.
Real NameJonatan Aron Leandoer Håstad.
Birth Date / AgeJuly 18, 1996 / 25 Years Old.
Birth PlaceMinsk, Belarus, Sweden.
Source of IncomeRapping.
Height5 feet 7 inches.
Net Worth$1 Million Dollars.

His mother’s name is Elsa Håstad. She is a former human rights activist. She became the Swedish ambassador to Albania in 2019. When she became the ambassador, she started working with LGBT groups in Russia, Vietnam, and South America. His maternal grandfather’s name is Arnold Wesker. He was a British-Jewish playwright.

Håstad spent his childhood in Minsk, Belarus. Actually, his mother moved the family to Minsk, Belarus so that he could have a similar childhood to her. But when he was somewhere between the ages of three and five, they returned to Sweden. The family settled in Stockholm and he was raised in the city’s Södermalm district.

Håstad got his education at UNIS Hanoi. He studied there from 6th to 10th grade. He often used to do drugs or write graffiti in high school time. That’s why he would get in trouble for these. He used to work in a local McDonald’s restaurant. But he was put on probation for smoking cannabis at the age of 15.

Yung Lean Career

At an early age, Yung Lean was very much influenced by 50 Cent’s Get Rich or Die Tryin’, The Latin Kings’ Mitt Kvarter, and Nas’s Illmatic. That’s when he developed an interest in hip-hop music.

Håstad met Yung Sherman and Gud in a local Stockholm park in 2012. They instantly became friends after discovering they enjoyed the same type of music. The three and some other artists who later formed the Drain Gang formed a gang named Hasch Boys. But many of the other members of Hasch Boys lost interest in the group. So they broke the gang and formed a trio. It was named “Sad Boys”.

In 2012, “Sad Boys” shared their musical track on SoundCloud and Tumblr. From there Lean got a huge number of fans. They performed their first show on 5 May 2013 in Gothenburg, Sweden. But he became an internet celebrity after the music video for his track “Ginseng Strip 2002” went viral. Till now it has got more than 61 million views on YouTube.

After the success of this track, he released his debut mixtape Unknown Death 2002 and an EP titled Lavender. His best song is “Ginseng Strip 2002” along with other songs that were cut from Unknown Death 2002.

Yung Lean Albums

On 23 September 2014, Yung Lean released his debut full-length album, titled Unknown Memory. Then he released his second full-length album, Warlord, on 25 February 2016. Nine months later, on 25 November 2016, he released a surprise track titled “Hennessy & Sailor Moon which featured Bladee. A month later, he released the mixtape Frost God containing eight tracks including “Hennessy & Sailor Moon” and “Crystal City” which featured A$AP Ferg on 14 December 2016.

Håstad’s third studio album Stranger was released on 10 November 2017. He released his third mixtape, Poison Ivy, on 2 November 2018. Then on 25 January, Lean released his first full-length album 2019. It was titled “Nectar”.

Yung Lean Net Worth

As of 2023, Yung Lean net worth is $4 million dollars. His most of income comes from live concerts, studio album sales, and brand promotion.

It is quite impressive that Yung Lean has earned this much popularity despite being a non-American rapper. He is one of the fastest-growing Swedish rappers. He has also been highlighted in XXL magazine’s list of ’15 European Rappers You Should Know” in 2014. Yung Lean net worth is estimated to be around 4 Million dollars.

His net worth has almost doubled in the past two years. He is earning a hefty amount of money. His income source is streams, album sales, brand promotions, and his YouTube channel. He also earns through his fashion line which he launched in 2016. He has also worked as a model.

This Swedish rapper’s main source of income from the music industry includes album sales, live concert-show, stage performers, and brand endorsement. Yung charges thousands of dollars for a single live concert. The media report he charges 30-40 thousand dollars per live show. He earns a big amount of money from brand promotion on his social media account and live concerts.

Yung Lean Personal Life

Yung has always kept his personal life very private. Nowadays, he is single. But he has been rumored of having a relationship with Frida Anderson. There have been a lot of photos of them together roaming on social media.

Yung Lean Instagram and Facebook

Yung Lean is an active social media user. He shares his latest photos, videos, and latest music video trailer on his social media account. He is always active on Instagram and Facebook but he has no account microblogging and social networking service Twitter. Yung has more than 1.2 million followers on his Instagram account. He also has an Official Facebook page with more than 400 hundred thousand page followers.

Moreover, Yung has an official Youtube channel with 971 thousand subscribers. This American rapper posted his music video and video trailer on this channel. The most viewed video is Ginseng Strip 2002 with 36 million views.

Yung Lean People also ask Yung Lean

Is Yung Lean mentally ill?
Lean has been suffering from psychosis. He was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

How old is Yung Lean?
Yung Lean is 25 years old.

What type of drugs did Yung Lean take?
Yung Lean used to take Xanax, lean, and cocaine.

What is Yung Lean’s ex-girlfriend’s name?
Yung Lean’s ex-girlfriend’s name is Frida Anderson.

What is Yung Lean’s real name?
Yung Lean’s real name is Jonatan Aron Leandoer Håstad.

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