YBN Nahmir Net Worth 2023

Nicholas Alexander Simmons best known as YBN Nahmir is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and actor. He is the founder and member of the NBA which is a gaming collective. He became world-famous after the release of his single track “RubbinOff the Paint”. It charted on Billboard Hot 100 gaining no 46. YBN Nahmir net worth is $2 million dollars.

YBN Nahmir Net Worth

YBN Nahmir Early Life.

Nahmir was born on 18 December 1999, in Birmingham, Alabama, USA. He has not disclosed any identity of his parents and family. But it has come to light that his relationship with his father has never been good. He was raised by his single mother. Nahmir’s real name is Nicholas Alexander Simmons. He spent his childhood in a home where he, his mother, his cousins, and his aunt used to live together.

He completed his studies at Clay-ChalkvilleHigh School in Clay, Alabama. But after his success with “RubbinOff the Paint”, he dropped out of school. Then in 2018 he completed his study and graduated in May 2018.

When Simmons was fourteen years old, he was gifted an Xbox 360 on the occasion of Christmas. After getting this gift, he started playing video games. He began with playing Rock Band and then switched to Grand Theft Auto V.

When Simmons started playing Grand Theft Auto V, he used to record gameplay videos. Then he would upload those videos on YouTube. From there he gained a good amount of followers. Then he formed the group NBA aka Young Boss Niggas collective with some friends.

YBN Nahmir Career

Simmons started his career by forming the hip hop collective YBN with YBN Almighty Jay, YBN Cordae, YBN Glizzy, his cousin YBN Manny, YBN Walker, YBN Nicky Baandz, YBN Malik, YBN Carl, and YBN Dayday in Birmingham, Alabama in 2014.

At the age of fifteen, Simmons uploaded his first song onto YouTube with YBN Almighty Jay titled “Hood Mentality”. It was uploaded on March 21, 2015. Then on January 2, 2017, he released his first mixtape, titled Believe In TheGlo on SoundCloud. On January 21, 2017, This rapper uploaded his second mixtape song to SoundCloud.

On September 18, 2017, Simmons released “RubbinOff the Paint”. It changed his life and debuted at 79 on the Billboard Hot 100 and peaked at 46. This year he released six more tracks.

Simmons released the music video “Bounce Out With That” on January 23, 2018. It got over 159 million views on YouTube after its release. Simmons signed with Atlantic Records in April 2018. Then he released “Baby 8” on March 22, 2019. The same year, on June 10, he released a music video called “OppStoppa”. His debut album Visionland was released on March 26, 2021.

YBN Nahmir Net worth

As of 2023, YBN Nahmir net worth is $2 million dollars. His main source of income comes from music including album sales, live concerts, own merchandise, and brand promotion. Nahmir’s monthly income is more than 30k dollars. Annually he earns almost 150k dollars. He earns this vast amount of money from various resources.

At the beginning of Nahmir’s career, he earned through gaming. He earned a lot by forming the YBN collective. Then he stepped into the rapping industry and started earning a lot. He also earns through brand endorsement. As he is an actor, acting is also a source of his income.

YBN Nahmir Instgram And Twitter.

YBN Nahmir is millions of followers on every social media account. He has a Facebook account with more than 800k followers. An Instagram account has more than 3.6 million followers. He also has a TikTok account with almost 940k followers and he uploads videos regularly. He has more than 150k followers on his Twitter account.

Nahmir has an official Youtube channel with 850 thousand subscribers. Here he uploads his music video and the most viewed video is “No Hook” with 26 million views. You can hear the soundtrack of this rapper on Soundcloud. He has more than 370 hundred thousand followers.

YBN Nahmir Personal Life

Nothing much about Nahmir’s personal life has been disclosed. He loves to keep his life personal. But he has dated Instagram model AlyciaTyre. They started dating in 2018 and broke up in 2021. Then a few days later they reconciled and posted about it on Instagram. Now This rapper is living in Los Angeles.

People Also Ask YBN Nahmir.

What does YBN in Nahmir’s name stand for?
YBA in Nahmir’s name stands for Young Boss Niggas.

What is YBN Nahmir’s real name?
YBN Nahmir’s real name is Nicholas Alexander Simmons.

When did YBN Nahmir become famous?
BN Nahmir became famous after the release of the song “RubbinOff the Paint” in 2017.

How old is YBN Nahmir?
YBN Nahmir age is 23 years old.

What is YBN Nahmir net worth?
YBN Nahmir net worth is $2 million dollars.

What is YBN Nahmir height?
YBN Nahmir height is 5 feet 7 inches.

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