Lil Tracy Net Worth, Age, Height

Jazz Ishmael Butler known as Lil Tracy is an American rapper and songwriter. He is known for his song “Awful Things” which performs with famous rapper Lil Peep and ranked 79 on the Billboard Hot 100. Tracy is a leading member of the underground rap community. According to a report, Lil Tracy net worth is estimated at $1 million dollars.

Lil Tracy Net Worth

Lil Tracy Early Life

Jazz Ishmael Butler was born on 3 October 1995 in Teaneck, New Jersey, United States. His father Ishmael Butler is a rapper record producer songwriter and his mother Cheryl Elizabeth Gamble known as Coko is a singer-songwriter. Tracy grew up in Virginia Beach and inspire by music from listening to Southern hip-hop artists.

Unfortunately, his parents separated when he was a young age. He spends his childhood time between his mother and father’s homes. Jazz learn music from his father and mother who both was a famous rapper. At an early age, he listens to other rappers’ songs and tries to sing songs like them.

Jazz Ishmael complete his high school education at Garfield High School in Seattle, Washington, Tragically, he did not complete his graduation because of his family problem. He chose to be homeless life when he was only 17 years old. After facing many problems he is a successful rapper in America.

Moreover, he moved to California from Virginia for music when he was 17 years old. In his short music career, he releases many albums and mixtapes. This rapper increases his singing and writing skills day by day. Rapper Lil Tracy is also known as Yung Bruh started his career.

Lil Tracy Music Career

Lil Tracy make his first music when he was only 15 years old. He tries to make more music before shifting to Los Angeles. At the age of 18, he move to Los Angeles without alerting his parents for built a music career. He starts rapping with the stage name Yung Bruh and released many mixtapes with the Thraxxhouse collective.

Tracy starts his own music group the collective GothBoiClique with some Thraxxhouse members. After making this group he met another famous rapper Lil Peep and make two songs “White Tee” and Crybaby. Afterward, He released his first single “Overdose” which make his music career further.

In 2016, he change his stage name from Yung Bruh to Lil Tracy because he has known that another rapper using this name. With his new name, he release his most awaited mixtape Tracy’s which was released on 1 February 2017. Two months later he released mixtapes XOXO on 3 April 2017. The same year he collaborated with popular rapper Lil Peep’s song “Awful Things” in August 2017.

Besides, Lil Tracy released his second mixtape Life of a Popstar on 31 July 2017. Next year he released two albums Designer Talk and the much-awaited Sinner. Furthermore, Lil Tracy released his first album, Anarchy, on 20 September 2019. On 2020 he released his second album Designer Talk 2 and in 2022 third album Saturn Child.

Lil Tracy Net Worth

As of 2022, Lil Tracy net worth is approximately $1 million dollars. His main source of income comes from music. In a short career, Tracy released three albums, two mixtapes, and many extended plays. He makes this million dollars from sealing album money. This rapper makes at least $2,00,000 dollars per year.

As well as Tracy makes money from live shows. He performs many live concerts every year. He charges $25,000-$40,00 dollars range per live concert. Tracy performs in live shows more than six a year. This rapper share stage with other fellow rappers in a live concert. This is the common source of income for all rappers, and singers.

Another source of income for this rapper is brand promotion. He promotes different brands on his social media and on live shows. Tracy demand thousands of dollar for promoting brands. He promotes mostly cloth and jewelry best brands. One part of the money comes from his own merch available on and

In the rape community rappers futures on each other songs and music videos. Sometimes it’s free most of the time pay for it. Tracy futures on many rapper’s videos so he makes a lot of money from this source. Day by Day his net worth increased and he was only 26 years old.

Lil Tracy Instgram And Twitter

Tracy is not active on social media such as other rappers. He has accounts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube. But he has only a million followers on Instagram. His Instagram account has 1.1 million followers with only 20 posts. On another popular social media Twitter, he has no official account.

This rapper is more active on audio-sharing platforms Soundcloud and Spotify. He has 308k followers on his Soundcloud and his popular tracks are Like A Farmer with 14.9 million plays. His verify Spotify account has more than 4 million monthly listeners.

Tracy does not have enough subscribers like his fellow rappers. He has only 358K subscribers on his Youtube channel. On his youtube channel, he uploads music videos and Official Audio tracks. The most viewed video on his channel is Beautiful Nightmare with 7.5 million views.

Lil Tracy Personal Life

Lil Tracy personal life is sad and challenging. When he was 15 years old his parents were divorced and lived separately. Tracy spends his childhood time between his mother and father’s house. He left the house at the age of 18 and move to LA. Now he is 26 years old but he has no girlfriend.

People Also Ask About Lil Tracy

How old is Lil Tracy?
Lil Tracy age is 26 years old.

What is Lil Tracy’s real name?
Lil Tracy’s real name is Jazz Ishmael Butler.

Who are Lil Tracy’s parents?
Lil Tracy’s father’s name is Ishmael Butler and his mother is Cheryl Elizabeth Gamble

What is Lil Tracy net worth?
Lil Tracy net worth is $1 million dollars.

What is Lil Tracy height?
Lil Tracy height is 5 ft 10 inches

Consultation- Lil Tracy is well known American rapper, singer, and songwriter. In this article, we share How much Lil Tracy net worth is? and his age, height, and other information. From different sources, Lil Tracy net worth is $1 million dollars. This rapper’s height is 5 ft 10 inches and his weight is 59 kg at this time. Cheek more rapper net worth and other details

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